Michel Deniger

Artist and Business Development Consultant

Michel Deniger is an innovator, artist and highly talented communicator. He has been in senior management on multi-billion dollar civil engineering projects ranging from innovating road construction design and execution to Alpine skiing hills design. He is a certified trainer in business administration and a passionate creator and learner, active in international business development. He developed creative negotiation methods that improved margins and sales figures in a very significant way. He's also implemented innovative design changes in heavy equipment to solve ongoing problems that had lasted for many years. He has an academic background in project management and construction company management, as well as in Creative Problem Solving from University of Montreal.
He is an intense innovator, artist and visionary.

MICHEL DENIGER: Artiste multidisciplinaire aussi homme d'affaire TALENTUEUX, PRODUCTIF, INTENSE ET PASSIONNÉ; très hautement créatif, innovateur et visionnaire.

Passion and purpose are the difference between being good and being great.